13 Best Women NFT Projects

You think NFT land is just a boys club? Then you’ve been sleeping. There are more women into NFTs and crypto than most people realize, and they have been taking the space by storm. Their passion is unmistakable, their drive is undeniable, and their commitment to community is on another level.

Not only did January 2022 see unprecedented highs in the nft market, but it may also go down in history as the month that women staked their claim in nft land. In fact, women are a big reason why the NFT market is where it’s at.

And this is just the beginning.

Top Female NFT Projects

We tried to make this a Top-10 list, but there are just too many women nft drops making noise. So instead, we made a Top-13 list. Here are the top-13 Best Women NFT Projects:

World of Women nft

World of Women

World of Women is hands down the most popular women NFT collection. It was started by four friends and has blossomed into a team of nine. The first of its kind collection consists of 10,000 tokens of diverse and powerful women created by artist and co-founder Yam Karkai. The artwork is beautiful, bold and colorful. This women’s nft celebrates representation, inclusivity, and equal opportunities for all. Notable holders include Gary Vee, Eva Longoria, and Reese Witherspoon. World of Women is considered a blue chip NFT with a floor price of over 7 ETH, at the time of this writing.

Boss Beauties nft

Boss Beauties

Boss Beauties aims to empower both girls and women at the forefront of technology, leadership, and creativity. The artwork is colorful, fun, and absolutely gorgeous CEO Lisa Mayer launched this women’s nft collection within 8 weeks and sold out within an hour. In November 2021, Marvel announced a partnership with Boss Beauties. We personally know one of the moderators of the Boss Beauties’s discord and her passion for this community and this nft is unrivaled. At the time of this writing, Boss Beauties’s floor price on open sea is 1.56 Eth. Some may consider it to be a bargain — even at this price.

Alpha Girls Club nft

Alpha Girls Club

The Alpha Girls Club takes place in Tokyo in the year 3000. Half-human, half-alpha, these girls are on a journey to find their own identity while battling a demon who seeks to destroy innocence and humanity. This women-created nft collection is a great example of bringing together and empowering women through story and lore. The co-founder and creative of the Alpha Girl Club is Seattle-based digital creator Charles Koh. The artwork is fun and inquisitive, futuristic in color and style. The collection was on its way to 1 Eth earlier this month. At the time of this writing, the floor price for the Alpha Girl Club on opensea.io is .4 Eth.

Crypto Chicks nft


Crypto.Chicks is an nft collection that highlights the importance of women in the crypto space by celebrating their unique and diverse beauty. The artwork is vibrant, elegant, and beautiful. The team is 14-members strong, including moderators, and is led by the artist known as Polly. There are actually two Crytpo.Chicks collections. The first one consists of just 200 1/1 tokens. The second consists of 10,000. At the time of this writing, floor price for the first collection is almost 5 Eth. The floor price for the 2nd collection, at the time of this writing, is, .795 Eth.

Rebel Society nft

Rebel Society

The Rebel Society nft collection, founded by husband-and-wife team, Frida and Elric, celebrates inspiring, badass women. The artwork is not only bold in style and color, but in messaging as well. These women don’t give a f*ck. Middle fingers, cigarettes, handfuls of cash, and spray paint cans are some of the items in these tokens. This edgy, female nft collection is inspired by all the women who stood up against society’s demands and labels. The collection screamed to almost .25 Eth earlier this month before settling down at .125 Eth, so if you’re looking for a woment nft with a low-entry point, you may want to take a look at Rebel Society.

WomenRise nft


Created by an internationally-acclaimed visual artist Maliha Abidi, WomenRise is a collection of 10,000 unique, randomly-generated women nfts. Not only does this collection represent the visual diversity of women, but it also celebrates the value women bring to the world through a variety of professions, such as scientists, astronauts, coders, and activists. WomenRise places quite a bit of emphasis on women empowerment and activism — especially with the launch of Rising Women and Activist Clubs. The floor price of the WomenRise female nft collection is almost .26 Eth at the time of this writing.

8sian Main nft

8sian Main Collection

The 8sian main collection is a unique women-created nft because it specifically focuses on Asian representation in the interest of bridging its culture with the metaverse. The artwork is very elegant and beautiful with traditional details saturated in historical relevance. The floor price currently sits at .285 Eth, down from a high of .5 Eth earlier this month. The 8sian brand also includes three other collections, including a Genesis Halloween collection, a 1/1 Bespoke collection, and a VIP Gold Pass collection.

Fatales nft


Fatales is a female nft collection that consists of humans, AI, and Celestials. Humans make up most of the collection, followed by the rarer AI’s, and the Celestials, which are the rarest. There are 10,000 tokens in all. Created by a surrealist painter of stories, the artist has a captured a compelling — yet edgy — elegance. The floor price of Fatales is .052 Eth at the time of this writing.

Encryptas nft


The Encryptas nft collection consists of 10,000 faceless coder chicks with a mission to save the world through code and flowers. Each Encrypta is inspired by the fashions of Millennial & Gen Z women. But there’s more to this collection: The rarity levels — Rebel In Training, Apprentice Badass, Freedom Fighter, Revolutionary, and Leader — give more insight into the artistic renaissance and digital revolution behind this all-female nft collection. The floor price sits at .1 Eth, at the time of writing — a tempting entry point for such an artistically-beautiful collection.

Women and Weapons nft

Women and Weapons

Women and Weapons is one of the more edgier female nft collections. After all, these 10,ooo beautiful, diverse, and badass women are brandishing weapons of all types — knives, nunchakus, and throwing stars, to name a few. Created by Sara Baumann, this women-owned collection has over 200 unique traits. Women and Weapons places its focus on empowering women, making a difference in this world, and donating to charity. At the time of this writing, floor price is .38 Eth.

Sad Girls Bar nft

Sad Girls Bar

The Sad Girls Bar nft collection stands out in a couple of ways. The most obvious is the artwork. Unlike other female nft collections, this one is in black and white. Secondly, the women aren’t exactly happy. In fact, they are sad, and some of them are even crying! Artist Glam Beckett has hand-drawn this powerful and bold goth-style monochromatic collection of 10,000 unique women. At the time of this writing, the floor price of Sad Girls Bar is .168 Eth.

Fame Lady Squad nft

Fame Lady Squad

The Fame Lady Squad nft is the first ever all-female generative avatar collection on the Ethereum blockchain. The Illustrated anime/comic book-esque artwork is fun, playful, and colorful. The mission of the Fame Lady Squad is to provide support and opportunities to women in the crypto and nft space. A team of three known as Bored Becky, DataNFT, and NFTIgnition actually took over the project in August of 2021. The floor price of this women’s nft collection sits around .23 Eth at the time of writing.

MetaAngels nft

Meta Angels

The Meta Angels nft collection is not even out yet, but it’s too good to ignore. We were actually tipped off on this one. According to our source, the team is the real deal. They are committed to building a very strong women’s community. This is evident by the leadership in their discord and the lengths they’ve already taken to promote inclusivity and encourage generosity, transparency, and accessibility. Maori-Australian-based artist Sarana Haeata has created an absolute breathtaking collection of 10,000 MetaAngels. Elegant, beautiful, and compelling. You may want to keep an eye out for this one.

Disclaimer: The content and opinions of this article is intended to be used for informational purposes only and is not to be taken as investment advice. It is very important to do your own research and analysis before collecting and trading any NFTs.