Azuki NFT


Azuki NFT
Final Hype
Tight fresh urban art, a strong community and colorful team make this one a contender.
Exceptional urban art illustration
Strong lively community
well-rounded team
Mind map is a wait-to-see

Azuki is a fresh, urban NFT project that is positioning itself as a global brand in the Metaverse. This brand is all about breaking down barriers, building up communities, and rewriting the rules — blurring lines of the physical and digital world.

One of 10,000 street-fashioned illustrative collectable NFT avatars will give you access to the corner of the internet world known as The Garden. This is the location where magic occurs – where art, community, and culture combine. Collectors can expect NFT drops, live events, exclusive streetwear collaborations, to name a few.

Azuki has a manifesto which shares some of their ideas: Azuki is all about working together to “create…more” which is “owned by all.” The manifesto, sprinkled with bits of sorcery — like, creating magic internet money and conspiracy, for example — is also chock full of other exhortations like, “Ready to take the red bean?” Moreover, they proudly take the high road and aren’t about to grovel for fans — “To those who don’t get it, we tell them: gm.”

There are ten individuals that make up the solid, industry-diverse team behind Azuki. Three of the team artists include a Street Fighter comic book artist and an Overwatch character art director. An ex-Facebook software engineer is also part of the starting line-up. This team is one of the main reasons this NFT is one of the best upcoming NFT projects.

Interestingly enough, Azuki doesn’t have a roadmap. They find it to be too restrictive from a creative standpoint. Don’t be fooled though, their project will still have utility. They just prefer to have a mind map instead. The idea is that this will guide them while allowing for the creative freedom that they seek. At this time, the mind map is still being developed ahead of their official launch.

Mint Date: January 2022

Mint Time: ???

Quantity: 10,000

Mint Price: .???


Twitter: 42,100 Followers

Discord: 37,000 followers

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