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Best NFT Games 2022

Here is a list of the best nft games that are developed around the P2E (play-to-earn) model. This model allows you to earn money while playing games.

Expect to see more top nft games this year as 2022 has already been dubbed the year of the NFT game. We will update this list as more nft games are released. Feel free to contact us if you would like to suggest a new nft game or upcoming nft game.

Top NFT Games

Axie Infinity best nft games

Axie Infinity

No best nft games list is complete without Axie Infinity. In fact, this play-to-earn game lives at the top of most of these lists. No different here. The Axies infinity game is an online video game developed by Sky Mavis, a Vietnamese Studio.

In brief, players aim to battle, breed, collect, raise, and build kingdoms for their pets, known as Axies. Players can buy, sell, and trade resources they earn in the game through skilled-gameplay. There are many varied game experiences and strategies can become complex, especially for those trying to attain the top rankings.

If you are new to nft games, or are looking for one of the best nft games to earn money, you may want to began with the creme of the crop.

Alien worlds best nft games

Alien Worlds 

As the first GameFi experience on the Binance Smart Chain, Alien Worlds isn’t a stranger to leading the gaming NFT wave. It calls to those who have been in the crypto ecosystem for years, and the space aesthetic is just the cherry on top for those who love sci-fi as much as we do. 

With a whopping 3.6 million registered gamers since its launch in late December 2020, Alien Worlds is one of the largest blockchain-powered games in history. A title like this is earned, and it’s visible in the development of the gameplay and in-game mechanics. 

For one, players can hop in their virtual spaceships and explore the metaverse to their liking. They can own land, use various tools, weapons, and minions, and even customize their own characters to suit their desires. 

Players can acquire NFTs within the game through missions and battles while also earning Trilium (the in-game’s currency) to make transactions on Alien World’s very own marketplace. One of the best NFT games in the space.

Splinterlands best nft games


Splinterlands took the idea of digital trading card games and revamped it all together. Powered by the HIVE blockchain, a network supported by a lively ecosystem of dapps, games, and tokens, Splinterlands combines the strategy of card games with the benefits of cryptocurrencies. 

Players have complete freedom with their NFT cards. Trading on the marketplace, fusing cards together to increase levels, burning cards for the in-game currency… you name it. It’s not about what you can do; it’s about what you can’t accomplish in this game. 

The drafting mechanic and the random rule-set for each match set a refreshing tone. Gameplay is action-packed and quick, with matches only lasting up to three minutes. If you’re looking for a rush of dopamine, this game is for you. 

What wins us over is the passion behind the creators of the game. As a team of two composed of a professor turned-marketer and a game developer with extensive experience in game design and blockchain tech, Splinterlands isn’t something to scoff at. One of the top nft games to date.

Illuvium top nft game


Illuvium: One of the most robust GameFi experiences to date. It takes a powerful layer-2 scaling solution, pairs it with the Illuvium DAO, and integrates original PVE and PVP gameplay to the Ethereum network. 

The game follows a tried-and-true formula: Explore, Collect, Battle, and Earn. Gameplay is similar to Pokemon—Players can hunt down Illuvials, defeat them in intense battles, then capture them using Shards. Once an Illuvial is captured, a new NFT token will be minted and stored in your wallet. 

The two standouts of Illuvium are the tokenomics and the extensive development team. Players can earn ILV via in-game mechanics. ILV allows holders to partake in yield framing, staking, and governance of the DAO. 

The founding team clearly held Illuvium to much higher standards than what we’re seeing in some GameFi projects. The devs have worked for countless triple-A titles like BioShock and The Last of Us, so it’s no surprise that perfection is part of their game design. No surprise that Illuvium is one of the top nft games.

Chumbi Valley top NFT game

Chumbi Valley Game

If you’re a fan of Stardew Valley, today may just be your lucky day! Introducing Chumbi Valley nft game, an enchanting role-playing NFT game built on the Binance Smart Chain and Polygon layer-2 solution. 

Chumbi Valley takes the idea of enchanting gameplay and pushes it to a whole other level. You can get lost in the mystical forest, breeding your beloved Chumbi to create a bigger and better NFT, or you can partner with your Chumbi to explore several gameplay features. 

Do you want to fight against wild AI Chumbi or other trainers? Go right ahead! Battles are easy to grasp yet hard to master. Or maybe you want to live a sedentary lifestyle instead of terrorizing the Chumbi universe. Well, we have good news for you! Players can live off their own NFT land, grow and harvest crops, and even lend Chumbi to other players. 

In Chumbi Valley, the world is your oyster. The CHMB token forms the backbone of the Chumbi world by providing a deflationary economy for the NFT game. This popular game is deserving of the best nft games list.

Aurory NFT game

Aurory NFT Game

The Aurory NFT game broke records, and you better believe that it will continue its trajectory to achieve greatness. 

The Aurory IDO was the largest in Solana’s history. With 150,000 minters, Aurory is built for gamers, by gamers. It bridges the disconnect between NFTs and gaming in the Solana network with its smooth gameplay and unique mechanics. 

So, what’s so great about this game? Well, it’s the first J-RPG game set in a magical, retro universe where players can earn levels by fulfilling quests, talking to NPCs, and defeating AI opponents. It doesn’t end there, though. Aurorians can also duel against each other with items and creatures acquired in-game. The rarer the NFT, the greater the chances of taking the W. 

It wouldn’t be a successful NFT game without its own token. AURY allows users to either transact on the market or stake their coins.

Gods Unchained nft game

Gods Unchained NFT Game

Led by Chris Clay, the former Game Director for Magic: The Gathering, Gods Unchained nft game is the blockchain-based trading game version of Hearthstone, done right. 

What’s special about this game compared to Hearthstone is its customizability, and more specifically, its “divine conquest” mechanic. Players can choose a power from a God and use it to set the tides of the match. 

Another feature that sets Gods Unchained apart is the true ownership of in-game assets. All cards are NFTs, and with the Immutable X decentralized exchange fueling the game, players can buy and sell their cards without any hassles. Say goodbye to high gas fees and slow transaction times! 

Players start with 140 free cards but can unlock more by battling it out in tournaments and arenas. As you win in ranked matches, you’ll earn Flux, a non-monetary currency used for fusing common cards to create rare NFTs. Truly one of the best NFT games in the space.

Squid World NFT game

Squid NFT World

The Squid NFT World game is doing things differently than its competition. It’s gamifying the decentralized exchange (DEX) experience, one step at a time. 

But wait, what does this mean? 

Instead of undergoing the same old process of staking your coins in the game’s economy, users can compete for rewards via fun mini-games directly linked to the DEX. In this case, the DEX is Biswap, powered by Binance Smart Chain. As a result, players are given the opportunity to farm high APR yields and receive payment through recognized tokens like BSW and BNB. 

The games are simple yet addictive. As you may have guessed by the name, they’re based on Squid Game, a show that took the world by storm in 2021. You can play iconic Korean games like Red Light, Blue Light, Destiny Marbles, and Tug-of-War. 

For every win, you’ll receive tokenized rewards. Squid NFT World rethought the concept behind DEXs and made it a more fun and laid-back experience. Players are still incentivized to keep their earnings in the liquidity pool, which we think is ingenious. Why has no one thought about turning yield farming into a gamified experience? This top NFT game is great for those who loved the show.

NFT Battle Miners nft game

NFT Battle Miners 

NFT Battler Miners nft game (NBM) spotted an opportunity to improve the staking mechanic in NFT games by fusing this idea with the energetic gameplay of turn-based card games. 

NBM’s staking process works by “mining” your NFT. And no, it isn’t the same as mining Bitcoin. Players can mine through Land cards, but only if they select an Active card, which is thought as a worker (or miner). If production isn’t reaching your standards, you can boost your rewards with Construction cards. 

Active cards are also used for gameplay. You start with 10 Active cards, which are revealed to the opponent at the beginning of the match. You and your opponent can ban five of the cards while the other five are used to compete. The last man standing is the person who has their final Active card on the battlefield. Simple, right? 

There are several ways to play NBM. You can opt for 1v1 battles, tournaments, and even competitions. Ranks are based on the trusty ELO system, used in countless games like Chess and League of Legends. No surprise that this game is one of the best nft games in the space.

Pancake Squad NFT Game

Pancake Squad NFT 

From the mind of Chef Cecy, a pro at “cutsie” 3D renderings, Pancake Squad nft game is perfect for those who are mostly art-driven when searching for the next big thing. Too many projects nowadays promise a bright future full of robust utility and community-led initiatives. It almost feels like the original identity of NFTs (the art) is slowly fading away. 

Pancake Squad stands out from the crowd in this regard. The founding team isn’t pushing for empty promises or future utility—they only care about the art, and they know many of us out there feel the same way. 

With 10,000 generative NFTs in the collection, and over 200 traits applicable for each item, all bunnies are unique from one another. And I guarantee you won’t get some run-of-the-mill common NFT that looks unappealing and not worth your money. Even the most common bunnies in the collection shine through. 

If you still aren’t sold on Pancake Squad, then I got news for you. It’s the most successful NFT project launched on the Binance Smart Chain, one of the most recognized and elaborate networks in the cryptoverse. Oh, and you can buy, sell, or trade your bunny on the 

Dark Horizon NFT Game

Dark Horizon NFT 

Dark Horizon isn’t your average NFT collection—it’s a generative, high-res Cyberpunk collection comprised of 8,686 unique NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. All traits are hand-drawn, and each item comes with a compelling backstory, forming the game’s lore. 

Dark Horizon is doing wonders in the NFT space. The project is taking small steps to become the next big P2E turn-based card game, with a unique staking platform and dozens of incentives for owners of the NFT. 

The game is still in development, but the team is working tirelessly with Whimsy Games to create one of the best web-based gaming experiences in recent history. It will implement Dark Horizon’s unique staking platform, where stakers earn the monetary $RES. Eventually, the token will be bought and sold on DEXs and Liquidity Pools. Utility at its best! 

The dev team’s commitment to the community stood out to us the most. For one, commercial IP license rights are given for each NFT owned. This may not sound like much but trust us… this is huge! On top of this, weekly social media tasks, giveaways, contests, and gaming tournaments are provided to the community for $RES and $ETH rewards. 

If there’s one thing we learned from the NFT world, dev teams that put the community at the forefront of their project often survive in this competitive market. 

Disclaimer: The content and opinions of this article is intended to be used for informational purposes only and is not to be taken as investment advice. It is very important to do your own research and analysis before collecting and trading any NFTs.