Best Upcoming NFT Projects 2022

Check out the best upcoming NFT projects, avatars, games, & more! Hype reviews and ratings give an overall assessment of the buzz behind brand new NFT projects. Note: Some of the launch dates for the NFT drops below are estimations and are not set.

ImageNFTStatusQuantityHype Score
Best upcoming NFT project HapebeastHapeBeastActive8,192


Best-New-NFT-Projects-Invisible-FriendsInvisible FriendsActive5,000




Azuki NFT UpcomingAzukiActive10,000


Toadkens NFT DropToadkensActive4,000


Yeti Town DropYeti TownActive5,555


Undead-Pastel-Club-smallUndead Pastel ClubActive9,999




Cereal-club-smallCereal ClubActive10,000


Fomo-Mofo-smallFomo MofoActive--







Kitty Crypto Gang



Weather-report-smallWeather ReportUpcoming10,000


Tasty-Bones-nft-smallTasty BonesActive5,000


Robo-Frens-nft-smallRobo FrensUpcoming



Rubber Ducky Bath Party



Disclaimer: The content and opinions of the Best Upcoming NFT Pojects page and this website, is intended to be used for informational purposes only, and is not to be taken as investment advice. It is very important to do your own research and analysis before collecting and trading any NFTs.

More Upcoming NFT Drops

Check out these new NFT projects that have yet to be released. These projects have not been reviewed by us. If you have a project and would like to be listed, please submit it here.

The Space Bulls NFTThe Space Bulls1/6/228,888




Brave-Tigers-smallBrave Tigers1/7/227PM EST10,000Twitter
Monsternauts NFTMonsternauts1/7/2210AM EST6969Twitter
GM FrensGM Frens1/8/2210AM EST6900Twitter
Mechagnomes-smallMechagnomes1/7/2212AM EST7654Twitter

How do we find & review these new NFT projects?

We search the Metaverse daily and sort through hundreds and hundreds of upcoming NFT projects every month. These projects include, NFT games, NFT avatars, and other collectables. We rely on our extensive online network to find upcoming NFT projects that catch our eye. We review and give these NFTs a Hype ranking based on a variety of criteria and factors including:


Individuals who share common attitudes, interests, and goals — known as a community — is one of the most important factors for the success of an NFT. Often it’s the camaraderie, the fanfare, and the belief behind a NFT project that propels it to success. Without a community, it is very difficult for a NFT to gain any traction.

Twitter and Discord are two of the most important platforms for building a NFT community. We spend a lot of time on these platforms to gauge how big, active, and excited a community is.

Here are some of the questions that we ask: How many followers does an upcoming NFT project have? Are these real humans or are these bots? How active are the followers?


The roadmap or utility, can be another important factor for the success of an NFT. However, it is not completely necessary. There are many NFTs that don’t have a roadmap or utility – they are just merely digital collectables. Like the famous Cryptopunks. Or, Chubbies.

As the NFT world matures and competition becomes fiercer with more and more projects entering the space, collectors are beginning to demand more value. The roadmap lays out the goals, strategies, and vision of the NFT project to communicate its long term value. Gary Vee, founder of VeeFriends is one of the early pioneers of successfully implementing a roadmap or utility.

Here are some of the questions that we ask: What value does the roadmap or utility provide? Is there enough utility to keep collector’s interested in this upcoming NFT? Is there value even without a roadmap or utility?


Artwork can be a big contributing factor in regards to the success of a NFT. There are many NFT projects where the artwork was the driving factor of its’ success.

However, it can be a bit problematic to measure as artwork can be quite subjective. Because of this, we like to factor in the story behind it. For example, you can argue that the art behind Loot is bad or non-existent. It’s just text. However, since it’s representing your stash in one of those retro text adventure games, we feel it is well executed based on their story.

Here are some of the questions that we ask: Does the Artwork fit the story or narrative? Are their existing fans of the artwork? Does the artwork successfully target a specific audience of this NFT drop?


The team behind an NFT project is a very important factor. They are the ones who create a plan, vision, strategy to be executed. Not only are they responsible for their success of the NFT, but they have an entire community who is investing in them to create a successful project.

A team doesn’t need a resume to propel an NFT to success. However, credentials and a proven track record could go along way to instill belief and confidence in a project.

Here are some of the questions that we ask: What are the credentials and track record of the team? If no resume, are they transparent with what they can bring to the table? Do they have a well-thought out plan? Have they successfully communicated the message of their project? Do they have a website, social media, and other elements in place for this upcoming NFT project?

About Best Upcoming NFT Projects

2021 saw the release of thousands of NFT projects across multiple platforms. Here in 2022, the craziness is not slowing down. With hundreds of projects being released every we decided to fill an obvious need – to find the best upcoming nft projects, review and rank them.

Not only are we going to showcase what we consider to be the best upcoming NFT drops, but we are also going to be a source of news, updates, and even try to share some hidden NFT gems.

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