Busy Bees Club NFT Review

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With their unique purpose and passion, and their growing fan base, the Busy Bees may actually turn out to be the bees knees.
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For most of us, we are taught from very young to either 1. Be afraid of bees. Or 2. Be afraid of bees — whether from movies, personal experience, or stories. It wasn’t until I was an adult and paid a visit to a close friend of mine who had recently acquired a honey bee habitat that I realized there is a vast difference between honey bees and yellow jackets, and that there is also a very real bee crisis going on.

The Busy Bees Club NFT is already educated in this unfortunate reality and has since created an nft collection of 3,750 algorithmically-pieces of art stored on the Ethereum Blockchain and generated from 300 special traits. Each busy bee will be unique — different types of headwear, expressions, clothing, etc. — ranging from common to super rare. The Busy Bees Club is using their nft platform to raise awareness and collaborate with projects, charities, and organizations — all to protect the future of bees. 

Holding a BBC NFT will grant you exclusive access to The Hive, or a club that gives you lots of extra buzzworthy perks, such as pollen points that elevate ranking in order to get you into the exclusive Busy Bees Club NFT.nyc 2022 Meetup, and other special events. Basically, interact, rank up, and hangout in The Hive.  Their impressive long-term goal? Season 2 will bring about the fruition of a real, live BBC bee farm, called The Honey Pot. Pretty un-bee-lievable. 

The BBC team, fully doxxed, is founded by Matty (father, dreamer, earth lover) and Craig (crypto-junkie, gaming degen, animal lover). They are joined by Design Consultant, Terry, and Community Manager, Shareef.

These Busy Bees, created by artist Jetz, have a pretty chill, albeit industrious, vibe. We love the art and couldn’t quite put a finger on what was so reminiscent about it until we read Jetz’s bio — Jetz has been on projects involving Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, Warner Brothers, Disney — and you can tell. Super quality, awesome aesthetics. As groupies of the 80’s and 90’s, we feel at home with these busy bees! 

The Busy Bees Twitter account have a healthy following of almost 7K followers and a super cheerful, positive vibe. All-in-all, with their unique purpose and passion, and their growing fan base, The Busy Bees might become what they call the bees knees. What do you think?

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