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Head Spaces NFT
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"Not every web3 project needs to be cutting edge and bursting with innovation, some just want to do good in the world."
Unique compelling artwork
Promotes a great cause
Nurturing community
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Community still young & growing

“Not every web3 project needs to be cutting edge and bursting with innovation, some just want to do good in the world.”

The above was written by Alex, founder and developer for a new up-and-coming NFT called Head Spaces, a project dedicated to the promotion of mental health awareness. One could say the mental cobwebs Alex himself has battled perhaps gives him extra qualifiers to lead this project. 

 A former software engineer based out of England, Alex obviously brings extra passion to this project. He leads a fully doxed team of himself, Ari (Artist and Designer), and Satvik (Social Impact Adviser). You can also tune into the Head Spaces mental health chats hosted each Wednesday at 2 pm EST, via Twitter Spaces

Through art and togetherness, the Head Spaces community offers new friendships, mental health resources and education, and direct access to professional support. 

One has to only jump onto their website to feel the good vibrations. The genuine warmth of their message and the feeling that you have just arrived home — somewhere you could actually belong — is the vibe we got. 

Their discord offers a nurturing community whose priorities include maintaining a community of trust, safety, and the quest for happiness. Included are channels for encouraging wellness, such a “drink check,” and we don’t know quite how to explain the intimacy of sharing a photo of your dinner plate, but it is, and the channel seems to be quite popular. Other channels are also quite popular, such as a music, creative, and an “in-real-life” channel. As usual, their discord has a channel dedicated for chatting and checking in with each other and it is alive and proactive.

Their roadmap is flexible for the input of community members, but has communicated their hope for wellness funds, affordable clothing, organizational collabs, affordable artwork, and perhaps, physical art. 

Speaking of the art — it’s truly different and what turned us onto Head Spaces in the first place. In an NFT sea of apes, Ari has conceptualized something off the beaten path. Minimalistic, meditative heads seem purposefully muted to showcase the complex and vibrant world within the mind. 

Dang. The concept is brilliant because it gives a nod to the complexity within each of us; a reminder that mental health is indeed not simple. In fact, each NFT is made up of five graphical components and one mood component to illustrate the idea that a person’s physical appearance and emotion are not always in sync. You can check out more of Ari’s work here

So let’s bring it back together: The essential purpose of Head Spaces NFT is one that hits home to many. Hopefully its existence will normalize mental health conversations. 

The founder is one who seems to empathetically embody what he is trying to create. 

The art is mind-blowingly interesting. 

The fully-doxxed team of three is small, however seems tightly-knit and not concerned with keeping up flashy pretenses. 

The community offers resources to its immediate members, as well as potential funding to external foundations. 

Some might find the community less busy than other communities, but you may welcome the slower pace if you are looking for a peaceful, encouraging place to be supported — or to give support. 

If you, or someone you care about, is an advocate or seeker of mental health, and if the above qualities are ones you look for (or, whatever, you just can’t get this NFT outta your head) Head Spaces may be your next targeted investment in your own quest for mental health awareness. 

Disclaimer: The content and opinions of this article is intended to be used for informational purposes only and is not to be taken as investment advice. It is very important to do your own research and analysis before collecting and trading any NFTs.