Invisible Friends

Invisible Friends
Final Hype
Still more we need to know, but the deafening hype is turning us into believers.
Clean, fresh illustrative design
Community activity is off the charts
Still some unknowns like utility

There is still a lot of unknown about Invisible Friends, but the current hype for this NFT project is way too big to ignore. What we do know is that Swedish-born animation artist Markus Magnusson, is the creator behind this project. He is also an online teacher of character animation.

The Invisible Friends NFT consists of — what else? — invisible characters performing animated walk cycles while representing people in everyday life. The illustrations style is refreshingly clean with fun elements that define individual characters and their emotions.

For example, the baseball-bat-carrying office worker with a tie wrapped around his invisible head drags a computer on fire. This is a cute and hilarious depiction of a fed-up programmer or office worker who’s had enough. Remember William Foster? Michael Douglas’s character in the motion picture Falling Down? Ya, that.

Invisible Friends is part of the Random Character Collective which is a small group of talented animators sharing a similar vision. Releases include: Slimhoods by James Curan (the founder of Slim Jim Studios) and MoodRollers by Lucas Zanoto.

At the time of writing, Slimhoods has a floor price of .47 eth. Compare the floor price to the average approximate price of .09 eth on the October 15, 2021, and a low average price of .005 eth on November 10. It’s apparent that Slimhoods has seen an upwards trend in price over the last month. At the time of writing, MoodRollers has a floor price of nearly .4 eth. Compare the floor price to the average approximate price of .17 eth on the December 7, 2021 launch day.

Will the continued popularity of the Random Character Collective and the launch of the Invisible Friends positively affect the price of Slimhoods and Moodrollers? And will the owners of Slimhoods and Moodrollers gain any benefits — perhaps gaining access or advantage to the Invisible Friend’s Whitelist? These questions remain to be seen.

The community is off the hook on Twitter. Over 140K followers at the time of this writing. The Random Character Collective discord is no joke either with a ton of followers. The buzz behind this project keeps on growing.

As more information about Invisible Friends comes out, more information will be added, such as the roadmap. Stay tuned. Check out more best upcoming NFT projects 2022 coming soon.

Update: Looks like the launch has been pushed back to February. Also, they are implementing a point system for the whitelist. 4 points and you’re on it. For example, each Slimhood or Moodroller is worth a point. Buy 4 and you’re on!

Mint Date: February

Mint Time: ???

Mint Price: .???

Quantity: 5,000


Twitter: 137,000 Followers

Discord: 100,000+ Followers (Random Character Collective)

Disclaimer: The content and opinions of this article is intended to be used for informational purposes only and is not to be taken as investment advice. It is very important to do your own research and analysis before collecting and trading any NFTs.