Kitty Crypto Gang nft

Kitty Crypto Gang

Kitty Crypto Gang nft
Kitty Crypto Gang
Final Hype
The Kitty Crypto Gang with a robust community, solid art direction, and a roadmap that would make all kitties giddy.
Strong gigantic community
Solid team
Great all-around project

The Kitty Crypto Gang collection, built on the Ethereum blockchain and led by The Catfather — owner of the “best nightclub in the metaverse” — is as similar to a real gang as you can get in the metaverse. Not the violence parts, perhaps, but the New York-Italian-mobster-family-loyalty parts for sure. You almost feel like you’re one good decision away from being invited to a sit-down spaghetti dinner with Vito Coralene himself. The KCG seems to be looking to build a family of members who want to invest in and commit to the community long term. 

The discord is a whopping 250,000 thick, their Twitter following is at 57.3K, and even their IG account has 23K followers. Damn! The 7,997 Kitties were launched using a raffle system and are a sight to behold. Each of the 3D — you almost just want to reach out and touch ‘em — variated nfts make up the entire collection with over 200 unique traits. The French artists Nicolas Morel and Amandine Comes reside in Australia and have an impressive resume with clients including the likes of Marvel, Disney, and Warner Bros, Netflix, and  more. The nfts are crisp, with rich colors, careful details, and rad accessories — gold chains, sandwich bread headdress, and smoking cigars. 

The Kitty Crypto Gang nft Road Map shows they really are serious about creating a close-knit project . . .er. . . should we say, empire??? We’re talking clothing lines, the future development of the Kitty Hub app, a tiered reward system, including free NFTs, developer services with a $500,0000 for the realization of the best member ideas, airdropped secondary royalties, gifts every 15 days for those who stake their kitties in the vault, DOA land-buying privileges, virtual gatherings like gaming sessions and carved out time to chat about the latest news. No really, all these things, and more. The WL is 1200 members large and there is a fair amount of warning that those who do not take seriously the privilege of being a part of the WL (read: are inactive, try to sell their spots, etc.) will be booted. Further proof these kitties are serious about an authentic community.

The Kitty Hub app hasn’t been launched yet, but with all the other perks aggressively promised and delivered for members, we have no reason to think it’ll take too long, especially with world-class UI/UX developer Deelow on the project. The app seems to be a nod towards networking, allowing members to share news, make friends, find business opportunities, and secure travel plans to meet The Catfather and other team members. As far as the team goes, they seem to be ON IT. Like, great communication, acknowledgment of tech issues and improvements, and a listening ear to what members truly want from their nft community.

From what we can tell, the team doesn’t seem to be a large one, and there is absolutely no credentials or even a face to put with The Catfather, though with that familiar death stare, it kinda makes you wonder if Marlon Brando hasn’t been reincarnated into an nft, after all. The other members are the artists, Nicolas and Amandine; developer DeeLow; SNYXZ, the discord manager; and Brokeos, another developer.  Not a large team, considering their huge following and generous roadmap. 

With the sheer volume of followers and the quality of community alone, we’d recommend this nft. But with all the other perks and plans of expansion (early access to smaller collections designed to buildup the fam) and big-picture mentality, you’d be wise to get in however you can. If you can, that is. We believe this top upcoming nft just might be here to stay – for good. 

Disclaimer: The content and opinions of this article is intended to be used for informational purposes only and is not to be taken as investment advice. It is very important to do your own research and analysis before collecting and trading any NFTs.