Pirates of the Metaverse NFT

Pirates of the Metaverse NFT Review

Pirates of the Metaverse NFT Review
Final Hype
The art is amazing — enough for One-Eyed-Willy to give his other eye for.
Strong iconic art
Masterful vision
Solid team

Ahoy scallywags! 

Check out this new nft project t’ land in the metaverse March 8th! Pirates of the Metaverse is a collection of 10,000 unique Genesis Pirates who must band together to find the coveted treasure that will unlock the secret to inter-dimensional travel. Pirates of the Metaverse looks to be an incredibly well-thought out NFT living on the Ethereum Blockchain, Solana, AND Flow! 

That’s right — the three NFT collections will have matching metadata but different art styles, living simultaneously on all three blockchain dimensions. Minting an OG pirate will give you claim to all three of the dimensions. Having a full set will be key to cross-chain interaction as the metaverse expands.

Even more, the art is amazing — enough for One-Eyed-Willy to give his other eye for. And these aren’t your normal pirates. These pirates have a more hipster vibe than the ones you remember from The Goonies, and dare we say, with an uncanny resemblance to Adam Scott. And they plunder in space, not the sea.

The three fully-doxed founders, CryptoPapi (after 25 years experience in Tech, is now a Professional Trader of Digital Goods), NFLuis (The General Director with over 15 years experience in Fortune 500 companies), and Thomas Porras (A Digital Artist with over 10 years experience in the film and music industries) operate under their label Drip Studios and head up a team of 15 members.

Everything about this team seems slick, polished, and professional, from their well-drawn up roadmap (arrgh, correction: spacemap), to their informative TikTok page, to their marketing teaser. Their discord has a pretty upbeat vibe. They have a Ladies Pirate channel and their mindset channel seems to be the place to go to help inspire and grow each other. Both their Twitter and Instagram have around 7,000 followers with a strong penchant for educating their followers about the ins and outs of nfts and explaining affiliated vocabulary — rarity, and utility, for instance. 

We were really interested in their concept of a cross-chain ecosystem. According to their Space Map 1.0, four phases embody their poject:

Phase 01 (Embankment) includes their first play-to-mint game called Multiverse Plunder. Reminiscent of an old-school arcade-style game, play to beat the top score to win 1K in ETH, free mint, and to get whitelisted. Presale begins March 7th for 0.007 ETH. Public sale follows on March 8th for 0.1 ETH. 

According to their map, the mint sale proceeds will go towards making Phase 02 (Set Sails) a reality: funding the blockchain aggregator, releasing exclusive merchandise, and the developmental completion of the Pirate Arcade. Holders will also receive their 2D pirates at this time on Solana for free. 

Phase 03 (Conquest) will bring the release of their Doubloon (utility token), expansion of the arcade, the development of 3D avatars, and will open up Flow, the next dimension. 

Phase 04 (The Future) will be pretty much all about expansion of the brand — adoption of pirates, production of collectable figurines, new drops, and new games! 

Basically, if ye miss the bygone era o’ spendin’ all yer hard-earned doubloons defendin’ yer top score on Galactica, Pac Man, and Super Mario Brothers, or if ye jus’ wants t’ experience an nft project that hopes t’ also educated its hands, it’s a pretty safe bet ye might be interested in what the Pirates of the Metaverse nft project has t’ offer.

Disclaimer: The content and opinions of this article is intended to be used for informational purposes only and is not to be taken as investment advice. It is very important to do your own research and analysis before collecting and trading any NFTs.