PXQuest NFT Featured

PXQuest Review

PXQuest NFT Featured
PXQuest Review
Final Hype
PXQuest is sure to whet the appetite of those who love the dungeon crawler genre as well as NFT investors.
Well-thought out roadmap
Solid art direction
Solid group of partners
Team is relatively invisible

PXQuest is a presumably free-2-play (after initial NFT purchase) dungeon crawler which consists of four main activities: raiding/dungeons/questing, dueling, kingdom building, and summoning new adventurers. Every character, loot, and piece of land in the game is an ERC721 token which makes it even more enticing for collectors and investors alike.

With 5,000 beautiful, unique, pixel-art adventurers to highlight the collection, the overall look and feel of PXQuest NFT screams vibes of the old-school retro dungeon crawler days. A mix of cute-but-warrior-like animals, birds, elves, and more are all are seemingly equipped with their choice weapon or ability — some have masks, some do not.

The plot of PXQuest is inspired by a war which leaves most of the land fractured in time and uninhabitable for the PXQuest adventurers. However, after recent discovery of $CHRONOS crystals, survivors can now stabilize time to reclaim land and summon objects and beings from the past. But beware of rivalries. The game has some depth to it, so you’re advised to check out this white paper.

The roadmap is solid. Phase one begins with the genesis collection launch and the $CHRONOS unitility token. Second phase is highlighted by the arena launch. Third phase brings the single-player dungeons and kingdom launch. With the Fourth phase comes the multi-player raids launch,

A noticeable list of partners include: Sneaky Vampire Syndicate, Kaiju Kingz, Bear X, LlamaVerse, pxMythics, Pixelmon, and Nanopass. If you are a fan of these, you might want to take a more in-depth look at PXQuest. Even though the team remains pretty much invisible, the partner list goes a long way in making this NFT one of the best upcoming NFT projects.

Mint Date: January 10-18

Mint Time: ???

Mint Price: .???

Quantity: 5000 Unique Adventurers


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