Robo Frens

Robo Frens
Final Hype
The artwork is strong but team and roadmap questions remain.
Strong artwork
Decent following
Roadmap could be more robust
Team is a little invisible

Rob Frens is a cleverly-illustrated nft, whose cheerfulness may just be a clever guise since it appears they are planning a takeover of the universe on February 22 which, coincidentally (or not 😊), is the same date of their launch. I guess it’s time to decide which side of the takeover you want to be on — fren or foe? 

Robo Frens is an nft founded by Ju, Jake, and Froogle. Since Jake is listed as an NFT artist, our best guess is that he is behind the Robo Frens illustrations. Other team members include OxHer0, the manager, Chrisdaddy the business manager (who is the only member with an impressive twitter following), and community members JayDikins and Uncletable. Nothing more can be found out about who they are…except perhaps for JayDikins, who is listed as a 14-year-old Warren Buffet. Hmm. 

At 0.05 eth, you can bet the starting gates will be bursting. If you’re not on the white list, you’ll have exactly five hours after the presale begins to hop on and join the takeover. Once presale is over, these nfts will go for 0.07 plus gas, though it looks like Robo Frens has a smart contract in place to optimize gas. 

The Robo Frens website is pretty cool, if a bit sparse. But, if you scroll down, you will find a super fun chart, showing off all the unique characteristics of these cute little robots. There you can dream about the much-anticipated art reveal that will take place 24 hours after the public sale. 

The Robo Frens Instagram, with 1,483 followers, has been transformed into an anticipatory countdown calendar. Their Twitter account is nothing fantastical but it is consistent and that’s maybe why it has a not-so-shabby following of 11.7K. Plenty of giveaways but not a whole lot of reciprocal interactions. 

So what exactly are you buying into? Investing in a Robo Frens NFT gives you the power to influence the treasury which will be funded with 50% of the mint after the launch. After that, they’ll throw in 50% royalties. You’ll also be a part of a community, have access to exclusive merch, and be invited to iRL events. There is also an enthusiastic mention of the future launch of Robodao, a community owned by token holders. All in all, their roadmap is a bit of a mystery. Once RoboDao is launched, the roadmap will gain its shape, no doubt, but whatever the case, it’s a bit disappointing to not be given more of a bone about at least some of the hoped-for logistics. 

In their FAQ, their answer to WAGMI? is a simple, emphatic yes. Are they right? The art is a strong YES. If we had more of a picture of what to expect in terms of their roadmap, and if we knew the qualifications behind the creators/founders/community members, we’d be able to strongly hypothesize further. We’re pretty curious ourselves — I guess we’ll find out during the takeover.

Disclaimer: The content and opinions of this article is intended to be used for informational purposes only and is not to be taken as investment advice. It is very important to do your own research and analysis before collecting and trading any NFTs.