Seekers NFT

Seekers NFT
Final Hype
With a Seeker robo-friend, you may be kicking some a** in the metaverse in the very near future. NOT financial advice 🙂
Innovative mechanics
Stellar team w/ track record
Creative minting concept
Community is small (still early)

Professor Sparkenski (AKA Sparky) has finally done it! (Please hold your applause until the end.)

Seekers NFT — 10,000 smiling, big-eyed NFT robots have come alive! With roving personalities and witty comebacks, Seekers will be facilitating decentralized communication across the open metaverse and stored as ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Seekers are crucial to the Fluf World — they are used to explore the metaverse, building connections with those in the trade and communication networks, evolving rapidly with every trip. 

But get this, partners of Seekers are Sylo, FLUF World, Party Bear, and Altered State Machine. That’s right, the team is a phenomenal team of infrastructure. platform, and award-winning animators from both Ice Age and Alien Resurrection and are also Professional 3D gaming artists. 

Mind blown: Sylo and Fluf World Teams have created The CDS, or Community Determined Supply Drop. In a nutshell, The Found (buyers) completely control the Seeker NFT population: Fifty Thousand seekers will be dropped and then the goblins will come out to play, actively capturing Seekers and tearing them apart for their own evil plans — and quickly, too — 10,000 every six hours! Since Goblins will be targeting rare Seekers first, The Found will likely want to get minting right away. The bigger the mint, the more rare Seekers there will be. The more Seekers the Goblins collect, however, the less number of rare Seekers there will be. At the end, there could be anywhere from 10,101 to 50,000 Seekers in all — The Found really does get to decide. Pretty interesting concept, actually. 

Though there is only a public sale (no presale), being on the whitelist allows you to mint at the special price of 0.09 TH. And there is no limit to the number you can mint! For more information regarding white list assets, check out Seeker info

If communication and trade in web3 is important to you, then this nft may also be important to you. Downloaded as .mp4, .gif, .png and eventually 3D mode, is built to “bridge the gap to other communities and unify us all in a shared, open rebellion for positive change against the restrictions of Web2.” More specifically, Seeker NFT is a digital representation of Sylo Nodes. Own a seeker, choose to run a node, support the network, reap the rewards.

So now let’s lay it all out here — You’ve got a pretty radical minting concept, mixed with a core communication infrastructure crucial to future of web3, and then add in some stellar partnerships (including an NFT ground-up platform) and artistic skill sets and Seekers is right up there with what could be considered a solid pick.

With a Seeker robo-friend, you may be kicking some a** in the metaverse in the very near future.

Disclaimer: The content and opinions of this article is intended to be used for informational purposes only and is not to be taken as investment advice. It is very important to do your own research and analysis before collecting and trading any NFTs.