Tasty Bones

Tasty Bones
Final Hype
Fun, colorful, pastel skulls with a thriving community. Who says skulls couldn't be -- dare we say -- cute?!
Big thriving community
Colorful fun pastel art
Generous w/ charities
No website

Tasty Bones — 5000 skeleton nfts who fetch the food offerings from the Land of the Living and deliver them back to the Land of the Dead — is carrying a sh*t ton of the NFT hype right now. Set to launch February 13th, their discord is private and their website is still under construction, so we dug around to find out what all the fuss is about.

First, the basics: The team is fully doxxed and consists of a project manager, a community manager, and a development team leader. The project manager is a PhD student who evidently knows what it’s like to live on a diet of $.99 ramen because mint is only 0.069 eth. Word has it that he wants to keep mint down and work to keep gas affordable.

Second of all, Tasty Bones appears to have a really great marketing strategy. Their discord, like we said above, is private. But if their social media accounts mean anything (and they do), you can bet they will have a very interactive roadmap. Want a white list spot? Authentic, frequent interactions via Twitter and Instagram seems to be the ticket to getting one, and the team also routinely — very routinely — gives away spots.  They also seem to sporadically open the gates and let anyone within a keyboard (and only for, say, the next 5 minutes) in. 

Now, about the art: Guys, this is really great art and really quite refreshing, cute even. Each skeleton is painted with dreamy ice-creamy-pastel hues and has a scrumptious treat on top of their heads. Hot dogs, pizza slice, broccoli bunch, oh my!

We like the extras they do, like the many different charities they’ve given to as they build hype for their launch. They also heap a bunch of praise for ApprovingCorgis, stating that they are “the project that believed in them before anyone else.” They go on to explain how ApprovingCorgis was their incubator who selflessly gave them the knowledge to begin. They then go on to pledge their everlasting partnership with them. It’s actually pretty cool. Giving back to those that gave you a boost seems like a pretty nice thing to do. So, you’ll see the same team members on both ApprovingCorgis and Tasty Bones.

Again, their website is still under construction, but because of their many followers on Twitter (225.9K) and Instagram (24.2K), their very present social media presence, and their patience with building an enthusiastic community and well-planned discord, we think this project may be here and pumping for the long term.

Disclaimer: The content and opinions of this article is intended to be used for informational purposes only and is not to be taken as investment advice. It is very important to do your own research and analysis before collecting and trading any NFTs.