Weather Report nft

Weather Report

Weather Report nft
Weather Report
Final Hype
Despite it being winter, the weather is looking mighty good. 96 degrees in the shade anyone?
Solid fun artwork
Bustling community
Doxxed team

Storm Watch in Effect:

The Weather Report nft, with the plan to drop 10,000 in February, is the newest crypto-collectible on our radar. Tell me I’m wrong but there just wasn’t no decade like the 90’s. The iconic creative scene was filled with emotion — from its angsty music, grunge styles, and popular sitcoms (Saved by the Bell, anyone?), to the ease and debatable deliciousness of Lunchables. 

Que in: The Weather Report NFT.

With a background in fashion, entertainment, and art, owners Zach and Will dreamt of creating a logo brand to “celebrate emotions and feelings in a creative and digestible way,” using the common concept of weather — and the tagline, “Rain or Shine, We’re Here” — to give their endeavor life.

And they did.

Within a year, they decided to expand their dream to include nfts, bringing their friend Toby Lasso on board. Together, they worked to create a team even you’d want to wait out a tornado in a storm cellar with. The hours spent collaborating and staying true to their original dream is obvious when getting a look at the few nfts we’ve been able to take a peek at. 

Though they are relatively new to the scene, and even though their website doesn’t — yet — have much info, their twitter says more than enough: 46K followers, a constant downpour of hype-creating activity, daily invitations to submit art in exchange for a WL spot, etc.

Their discord population is at 38,392 and it’s pretty hoppin’ in terms of activity. Since the website is still brewing, there isn’t a roadmap to disclose, but it’s a pretty safe bet a clothing line…maybe some trucker and bucket hats, perhaps (we can hope)…will be a part of it. 

You gotta love the 90’s. unless maybe you listened to too many angry Alanis Morissette songs. But however you really feel about the bygone decade, these nfts with their recognizable details and accessories will make you feel a pleasant sting of nostalgia.

Quantity: 10,000

Mint Date: February

Twitter: 46K

Discord: 38

Disclaimer: The content and opinions of this article is intended to be used for informational purposes only and is not to be taken as investment advice. It is very important to do your own research and analysis before collecting and trading any NFTs.