Yeti Town

Yeti Town
Final Hype
Doesn't have the frenzy and fanfare of the Wolf Game, but Yeti Town seems like a special NFT project.
Solid community
Beautiful pixel art
Decent community
Team somewhat invisible

Yeti Town takes place in the Himalayan Mountains where a toymaker, living in a small cottage, makes thousands of mountain-like creatures known as Yetis. Unfortunately, $FRXST — a magical flower — has an adverse affect on the creatures, turning some of the toys into Deviants. In response, the toymaker enhances the powers of the remaining Yeti’s, thereby creating two groups: Eternal and Nobles. That’s the gist of the Yeti Town story.

Yeti Town takes a lot of pride in combining visually-pleasing pixel art along with game mechanics that are more involved than the simpler P2E models. Only 5,555 Genesis Yetis will be created and divided into three above-mentioned classes or collector’s grades. There will be 111 Eternals, 2,111 Nobles, and 3,333 Deviants. Each grade will wield different advantages.

Eternals, by far, will be the most rare — that is, on the surface. However, all Yeti’s will start at zero, so valuation may depend on a combination of rarity, grade, and level. This is an interesting approach, as it goes against standard NFT valuation. Is it possible that a Noble with a Level of 10 is more valuable than an Eternal at Level 1? After all, a higher level means more utility rewarded.

Btw, If you’re having trouble selling your Yeti, grind away and level up to make it more valuable, and then list it on the marketplace! It’s this type of intriguing ‘Play 2 Earn’ aspect of gameplay that makes this drop worthy of being among the early best upcoming NFT projects of 2022.

$FRXST is earned from the novel-staking mechanism and, in order to level up, you’ll want to earn $FRXST or EXP which ironically (or not) is what the Yetis also need to earn in order to survive, Yetis can choose to harvest, hunt or fight. Keep in mind, the rate that they can earn depends on the collector grade.

Be sure to check out the Yeti Town white paper for more detailed mechanics in regards to the gameplay.

The future of Yeti Town includes expansion into the metaverse, merchandising & licensing, and enterprise collaborations.

Mint Date: Dec. 30, 2021

Mint Time: 8am (GMT)

Mint Price: .077 Eth


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Discord: 12,790 followers

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